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IngranArt, wearable art

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-15 March 2018

Sculptress, artist and designer, Simona della Bella creates jewels inspired by the concept of Time, turning gears, hands and parts of antique clocks into unique handmade pieces. Her brand IngranArt is wearable art

«To start from something that has been abandoned, neglected or no longer working, is an interesting creative challenge, because old things really have an energy of time that, if well managed, can lead to the creation of unusual works.» Simona Della Bella

IngranArt by Simona Della Bella gor 1558 interview

Simona Della Bella wears the necklace number 130 “BIKE”

There is a laboratory in Milan, in the area of ​​Viale Certosa where – by appointment – you can see at work the skilled hands of Simona and where you can buy her jewels (which in truth are also shown in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad). With ancient artisan knowledge, curiosity and passion, Simona also collects the stories of those who meet her and creates jewellery on commission. She collects from drawers old watches that are no longer working, but of great emotional value, and readapts them in a modern fashion. “I have the privilege of working also with a very precious time, that of feelings”, she says proudly. There are two lines of artistic production: IngranArt for Man (rings, cufflinks, pendants, bracelets and key rings) and IngranArt for Woman (necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings).

How was IngranArt born? “Mine was an unusual artist’s birth, which brings hope to those who believe in real and great changes in life!” An athlete part of the Italian Synchronised Swimming Team from 13 to 23 years of age, Simona Della Bella graduated in Philosophy once her sporting career was over. “A crazy leap from the gymnastics of the body to the gymnastics of the mind” – she says. After a Masters Degree in Bocconi University on Human Resources, she started working in a multinational pharmaceutical company and remained there until the age of 40. “I felt, however, that my real place in life was elsewhere. To express all the energy and restlessness I fest inside, I started making bronze sculptures (my grandfather was a sculptor), studying the entire artistic production of Michelangelo and doing exhibitions abroad.”

The big breakthrough came with her resignation from the multinational company and her full-time involvement in art and sculpture. Simona moved on to the artistic production of picto-sculptures created with mechanical gears and watches, very material paintings/panels. The following year she started IngranArt, with the production of unique wearable works made with gears of antique clocks. One evening, at the opening of an exhibition, I wore a piece of jewellery that I had created (almost for fun) with some gears and I realised that people really appreciated that strange piece that I wore around my neck! From there, everything started…”

The IngranArt jewels. There are two lines of artistic production: IngranArt for Man (rings, cufflinks, pendants, bracelets and key rings) and IngranArt for Woman (necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings). Each piece of jewellery is always created with different inspirations, but they are all united by the symbolic presence of Time, be it a gear, a dial, a hand, a part of an old alarm clock no longer working or the crown of a pocket watch. For every single jewel there is a story, which tells the wearer the meaning of its symbolism. The use of different materials (bronze, silver, aluminium or brass, up to the most contemporary alloys), combined with the almost constant presence of screws and bolts, want to emphasise a “human” presence of this recovery of the past revisited in a contemporary fashion. My creations have no resins, as a choice of the IngranArt philosophy, which wants to leave the time alive, with its signs and its scars.”

IngranArt by Simona Della Bella via M.Gandhi 5 – Milano |

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