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CarrerBikes: the bicycles that are born from the boats

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-19 March 2018

The bicycle, an object that is only partly a means of locomotion, is currently surrounded by increasing excitement. Cycling is a way of being, a status, it reveals habits, trends, interests. It can say a lot about us.  On March 22, in Milan, Confartigianato will present “ARTIBICI 2018”, the annual report on bicycles, and we are looking forward to read it. Those attending the event (entrance is free, upon registration) will also visit the exhibition “The Bicycle Renaissance” at the Triennale that – after the closing of April 2 – will reach Tel Aviv for the start of the Giro d’Italia 2018.

Given the great current interest for the biking world, we wanted to narrate, three years after its public launch, the evolution of a special type of bicycles, the CarrerBikes, discussing them with their creator, Gianni Carrer.

 CarrerBikes will soon celebrate its third anniversary, right?

Yes, three years ago we introduced our bikes in Milan, on a beautiful day of July in the Napoleonic Foundry, in the Isola neighbourhood, which is a place full of poetry, perfect for our bikes. We had been working on the project for two years, we had the bicycles, a nice presentation video, lots of images… at a certain point we gave ourselves a time to “be officially born”. July 9th seemed like a good date…

Biciclette CarrerBikes e barche

From that moment many have noticed you.

Yes we have received many awards. I remember that after a few months since the launch, Class CNBC invited me to talk about the project in a program called Motore Italia that talks about Italian quality products. After that, I have received other invitations (Intesa San Paolo… then Sistemi&Impresa). There has been an interest to put in relation Italian high-end craftsmanship, like ours, to technology.

Even if you do not use technology…

In the manufacturing of our product there is a lot of manual skill (which distinguishes Italy in the world) but technology comes to our aid in the components and in the tests we carry out to guarantee the quality of our bicycles. In the future we envision technological anti-theft systems. In addition, technology, networks, PCs and social platforms are essential to communicate what we do. We have always given great importance to communication. And we are among the few brands at our level to use it thoroughly.

Telaio in legno CarrerBikes

Last February you took part in the USA NAHBS trade fair, which is the largest in the world for artisan bicycle manufacturers. Where does CarrerBikes stand in this sector?

There are other manufacturers of artisanal bicycles featuring a wooden frame, but I must say that our attention to detail and our Italian style are at the highest levels. A few years ago, a Greek journalist contacted us because he was collecting material to describe and catalogue in a book all the wooden bicycles in the world.  The book is beautiful and above all made us understand that we are the only ones to make the bike in a shipyard, which is our added value (*The book is “The wooden Bicycles: Around the World” by Kiriakos Iosifidis, NDR). Our bicycles are born from the passion and experience of the shipwrights, who made ships sail for centuries and now make CarrerBikes travel the roads equally well.

Wooden frames CarrerBikes

In fact, your bikes are guaranteed for life.

We guarantee the frames for life. The other parts have a one-year warranty. But we are always available with our buyers for any need. Making a special niche product, we know who we have sold it to and are always available to our customers.

What has changed for you in this three year journey?

We have never stopped. We have tried other wood species, improved the graphics and some construction details. Our goal is to grow and have a product that is always at the top. Last but not least, in this period we are working on a new model that will feature an important novelty… but I will not reveal it yet.  Follow us!

Gianni Carrer CEO CarrerBikes

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